Frequently Asked Questions

How to install a template ?

You can easily install a new template to your blog by following the steps below.
  1. Go to blogger dashboard → Template → Backup/Restore (right top).
  2. Select the template from your laptop, click upload.
NB: Make sure to backup your template before installing one.

How to edit an inbuilt widgets ?

We usually add custom author boxes, drop down menus, etc to the template. To edit those widgets (excluding sliders, carousels and  featured posts widget),
  1. Go to blogger dashboard → Template → Edit HTML.
  2. Using Ctrl+F, search for Edit [widget name] and change the contents with your own. Eg:Edit Author Box.

How to edit sliders, carousels and featured posts widget ?

Sliders, carousels and featured posts widgets work based on labels. To edit these widget,
  1. Go to  blogger dashboard → Layout.
  2. Find the corresponding widget → Click edit → Enter the label (case sensitive) → Click save.

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